Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Jual Kera Tein V NPNF

Kera Tein V NPNF®INCI: Hydrolyzed Keratin

An excellent keratin protein made from ovine sources, that helps to protect & strengthen damaged hair.

Keratin is a protective protein, which is found in hair, feathers, wool, and nails. Keratin is distinct from other proteins in that it is rich in cysteine (a sulfur-containing amino acid characteristic of keratin) that cross-links covalently into disulfide bonds and is responsible for its unique strength and protective qualities.

Kera Tein V NPNF® is an excellent film-former. A tough, smooth keratin film coating the hair shaft reduces split ends and improves the hair’s appearance and combability. Keratin proteins bind moisture to the hair  
and improve shine, volume, and manageability results. Increased moisture content of the hair gives increased flexibility and tensile strength.

Kera Tein V NPNF® is particularly useful in perm products due to its high cysteine content. Scientific literature has indicated that keratin derivatives containing cysteine can react with broken cysteine bonds in the hair during the perming process and be incorporated into the hair. In addition, hydrolyzed proteins provide a “protective colloid effect” to formulations thereby reducing the harshness of surfactants and other aggressive ingredients.

In skin treatment products, it is ideal for moisture- binding creams and lotions. The condition of skin and hair will continue to improve with time as hair and skin equilibrate, picking up moisture, and thereby helping to restore them to a normal condition.

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