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The surface of films made form rubber, especially natural rubber, have tendency to stick together due to its naturally high surface tack.

Antitack agents are materials designed to eliminate the self adhesive quality of rubber products and are applied to products to form a thin protective antitacky layer on the surface.

Antitack agents are commonly employed in the rubber and plastics industry in order to prevent adhesion of rubber or plastic objects to themselves, to each other and/ or to other objects.

To prevent such adhesion of rubber or plastic articles to, themselves or to each other, it is common to employ so-called anti-tack compositions which are usually powdery materials such as talcum, zinc stearate, or aluminum stearate which are applied to the rubber or plastic material or articles. 

While such powdery anti-tack agents and compositions appear efective in preventing adhesion of the above mentioned materials to themselves or to each other, such powdery materials have serious shortcomings.

n  Antitack-R WL is white thick Liquid, powder free, heavy metal free and silicone free anti-tacking products for rubber compound and rubber processing which is required for non tacking between rubber sheet, rod, hose etc.

Product Advantages:
n  As it is powder-free, does not create dust in the factory and convenient for eye observation of compound stock sheet due to none powder on rubber sheet, and Environmetally Friendly, no powder inhalation issues.

n  As it form is thick liquid then in application need to be diluted with water its dilution process is easier compare to Powder diluted to water which may happen in competitor products. Energy saving as it does not need preparation by stirring in tank before pouring in to water bath and does not need an open agitator in water bath as it does not settle as a powder type. It dissolves easily.

n  It saves shut down time for cleaning batch off line because there is no powder dispersion and does not make tank and tunnel dirty and smelly. No cleaning of tank and tunnel required.

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hut down time for cleaning batch off line because there is no powder dispersion and does not make tank and tunnel dirty and smelly. No cleaning of tank and tunnel required.

DIETHYLENETRIAMINE as epoxy hardener for clear two part epoxy flooring and wood epoxy resin

Diethylenetriamine (DETA) is used mainly as a building block for wet strength agents 

in the paper industry, in the chelating agent synthesis, and for detergents. In other 

applications DETA is used as an intermediate in corrosion inhibitors, polyamide 

resins, asphalt additives and epoxy hardener systems.

Diethylenetriamine (DETA) as member from the class of  Ethyleneamines is used in a

broad array of applications.Diethylenetriamine is mainly used as building block for wet 

strength resins, in the synthesis for chelating agents, industrial surfactants and fabric

softeners. Additional applications of Diethylenetriamine are in asphalt-additives, 

epoxy-systems, lube oil/fuel additives, polyamide resins and mineral processing aids.

What are the functions and applications of Diethylenetriamine (DETA)?
  • For wet strength mainly for paper applications Diethylenetriamine (DETA) is converted with a dicarboxylic acid (for example Adipic Acid) into a polyaminoamide. The polyaminoamide is subsequently cross-linked with Epichlorohydrin.
  •  Within the chemistry of metal komplexes Diethylenetriamine (DETA) is an import chelate. Diethylenetriamine (DETA) is converted with bromine acetic acid to DTPA (Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid).
  • Furthermore Diethylenetriamine is used as hardener for epoxy resins. It can react with Epoxy Resins, accelerated by phenols, acids and certain alcohols in such a way that a three-dimensional, cross-linked, infusible structure is formed.
  • In several additional applications Diethylenetriamine is used as building block for synthesis.

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