Wednesday, February 27, 2019

SANMIN CLEAN GL 08 for offset ink, rubber, leather and others

Solvent Cleaning for offset ink, rubber, leather and others

Solvent Series 

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There are four basic solvent types for washing up the press. In most cases, the same wash can be utilized for both rollers and blankets.
1. Water-miscible washes – the most popular type in the industry, water-miscible (or mixable) washes can generally be blended with 20%-50% water. Featuring moderate drying speeds, these washes remove ink and water-soluble glazes, such as gum and paper fillers in one  wash-up. Water-miscible washes are available in detergent, low-VOC, vegetable oil and non-photo-chemically reactive formulas.
2. Straight solvent washes – an economical alternative to watermiscible washes. They cannot be mixed with water and are, therefore, used directly from the container. This type of wash features fast drying and good penetration of dried ink.

3. Two-step washes – applied in a sequence, these washes are used for deep cleaning and color changes. The two-step process has been designed to cut wash up time in half when changing from dark to light colors in the same unit. Step one is a blend of detergents, solvents and water in a heavy-viscosity wash. Step one solvents quickly “bite” into the ink and remain on the rollers, while the detergents penetrate into the roller surface and carry the ink and glaze residue down to the wash-up blade for removal. The drying time for step one solvents is slow. Step two is a water-miscible rinse wash that is used to completely remove all of the step one wash and to prepare the roller surface for the next color.

4. Environmental washes – were designed to meet increased demands created by recent environmental legislation. They use a broad base of ingredients, most of which are designed to lower VOCs, raise flash points, and reduce environmental and health concerns in the pressroom.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jual Nitrobenze

Nitrobenze adalah turunan dari benzene yang berbentuk zat cair yang menyerupai minyak berwarna kuning, bersifat toxic, berbau khas. Nitrobenzene digunakan untuk berbagai aplikasi diantaranya untuk pembuatan sabun, minyak wangi, semir sepatu dan pembuatan aniline.

Nitrobenzene ( C6H5N02 ) secara umum digunakan dalam pembuatan aniline dan zat aditif pada karet sebagai antioxidant ( mencegah oksidasi )

Sifat-sifat fisika nitrobenzen :
1. Zat cair berwarna kuning.
2. Titik didih 210,8 oC.
3. Titik cair 5,7 oC.
4. Indeks bias 1,5530.
5. Berat jenis 1,2037 g/mL.
6. Berat molekul 123 g/mol.

Sifat-sifat kimia nitrobenzen :
1. Nonpolar.
2. Tidak larut dalam air.
3. Mudah menguap dan terbakar.
4. Larut dalam eter.
5. Bersifat karsinogen terutama dalam keadaan uap.
6. Jika direduksi membentuk anilin.
7. Tidak dapat dioksidasi dalam larutan KMnO4 seperti alkena.
8. Tidak dapat diadisi oleh Br 2, H2O dan KMnO4 bisa terjadi bila ada UV.
9. Mengalami reasi alkilasi dengan katalisator AlCl3

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Jual Antitack-anti lengket

Jual bahan Antitack atau anti lengket yang berfungsi sebagai releasing agent.
Kami memiliki berbagai tipe :

Sanmin Antitack HL 168 
Solid content ( % )
off white
thick liquid

Sanmin Notack Z 331 ( Zinc Stearate Disp )
pH ( 10 % sol )
Solid content ( % )
Notes :
Cara penggunaan larutkan dalam air 2-10 %, dosis lebih tergantung formulasi. 

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