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TSP as Antiscalant

TSP / Trisodium Phosphate as antiscalant in industrial cooling water systems. TSP as antiscalant may also influence the corrosion in cooling water systems.

The pH of all cooling waters was maintained at 6.5 by adding sodium hydroxide or glacial acetic acid as solution per requirement.

TSP is a good corrosion inhibitor and provide 99 % percent protection from corrosion. It was observed that percentage inhibition efficiency of corrosion inhibitor increases with increase of concentration of TSP from 10 to 100 ppm.

Conclusion :
Instead of adding too much chemicals i.e : antiscalant , corrosion inhibitors, dispersant, biocides, pH booster, and hardness stabilizers to cooling water, a single chemical with solves both the problems of scaling as well as corrosion can be used.  TSP provides both antiscaling as well as good corrosion protection of carbon steel in various investigated synthetic cooling waters.

further more please opened Influence of TSP  antiscalant  on the corrosion of carbon steel in cooling water systems. 

TSP food grade 


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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Jual Sodium Carbonate

Jual sodium carbonate, kemasan 25 kg/bag.

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Jual Soda Ash

Jual soda ash, kemasan 25 kg/bag.

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Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda or soda ash), Na2CO3 is a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It most commonly occurs as a crystalline heptahydrate, which readily effloresces to form a greyish-white powder, the monohydrate. Sodium carbonate is domestically well known for its everyday use as a water softener. It can be extracted from the ashes of many plants. It is synthetically produced in large quantities from table salt and limestone in a process known as the Solvay process.

Applications : 
Glass manufacture, chemicals, pulp and paper manufacture, sodium compounds, soaps and detergents, water treatment, aluminium production, textile processing, cleaning preparations, petroleum refining, sealing ponds from leakage (sodium ions bind to clay particles, which swell to seal leaks), catalyst in coal liquefaction.

Soda Ash is available in two forms : 
1. Soda ash light
2. Soda ash dense
    Soda ash dense is used in municipal applications because of Superior handling 
    characteristics. It has a little dust, good flow, and will not arch in the bin or flood the 
    feeder. It is relatively hard to dissolve and ample dissolver capacity must be provided. 
    Normal dosage used for 0.5 lb of soda ash dense per gallon water or a 6% solution 
    retained for 20 min in the dissolver. The dust and solution are irritating to the eyes, nose, 
    lungs, and skin, and therefore general precautios should be observed and affected areas 
    should be washed promptly with water.

Source : Wikipedia

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Jual Minyak Ikan Curah

Jual minyak ikan curah/ crude fish oil, kemasan 300 kg/drum, 20 ton/isotank.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Anti Wrinkle Cream Formulation Guide

Anti Wrinkle Treatment Cream

Concept Statement :
An elegant, white, creamy emulsion containing Rovisome-AHA,
which delivers Sodium Lactate to the skin.

Ingredients/Function:                                        wt%
1. Pationic SBL (Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate)/Lactylate             1.60 
2. Cetearyl Alcohol50/50 (CetearylAlcohol)/ Emulsifier.            3.00 
3. GMS (Glyceryl Stearate)/Emulsifier                             2.60
4. IPP (Isopropyl Palmitate)/Emollient                            6.00 
5. SSO (Sunflower Seed Oil)/Emollient                              6.00 
6. Distilled/Deionized Water                                      11.60
7.   Glycerine(Glycerine)/Humectant                                  3.00
8.   DMDM Hydantoin)/Preservative                                     0.20
9. AHA (Sodium Lactate and Alcohol and Lecithin)/Liposome.         6.00
lO.Fragrance/Odor                                                  q.s.

Compounding Procedure:
Combine items to and heat to 8OC. Combine items 6 and I
and heat to 80C. Add oil phase to water phase. Cool to 35C. Add items and 9. Add item 10.
LI Ref. No. 124-26B

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