Wednesday, March 17, 2021

BYK 300 as one of Additive for coating


Silicone surface additive for solvent-borne coating systems with a medium reduction of surface tension and a medium increase of surface slip.


Solution of a polyether-modified polydimethylsiloxane

Special Features and Benefits

The additive provides a medium reduction of surface tension in the coating systems. It increases slip and improves leveling and gloss. Silicone additives prevent the formation of BĂ©nard cells. BYK-300 also improves substrate wetting and anti-blocking properties.

Benefit used

  • Anti-blocking Agents > Silicones / Silicas / Siloxanes
  • Flow / Levelling Agents > Silicones
  • Slip Control Agents > Silicones
  • Surface Conditioners / Surface Modifiers > Gloss Control Agents
  • Wetting Agents / Wet Edge Enhancers > Silicones

Recommended Use

BYK-300 is broadly compatible and suitable for all solvent-borne systems.

Recommended Levels 0.1-0.3% additive (as supplied) based upon total formulation.

The above recommended levels can be used for orientation. Optimal levels are determined through a series of laboratory tests.

Incorporation and Processing Instructions

The additive can be incorporated during any stage of the production process, including post-addition. Thinning before incorporation may make dosing easier.

Special Note

Unlike so-called silicone oils, this additive is very user-friendly. However, before use, one should determine in test series whether foam is stabilized in certain systems and check the recoatability and crater development.


Michael Thang


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