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AMP 95

AMP™ is the premier, flagship product from ANGUS for paint and coatings. As a primary multifunctional amine, AMP offers more functionality, more flexibility, and more value than other amines. This product is sold as AMP-95, AMP-90 and AMP-75 with 5%, 10% and 25% water added respectively to the active.

Trusted by formulators worldwide for its neutralizing and multifunctional capabilities, AMP-95 works well as a co-dispersant and provides outstanding film properties in finished formulations. Key benefits include improved pH stability, excellent scrub-resistance, optimal color acceptance, improved gloss and outstanding hiding power.

AMP-95 is our premier primary amino alcohol, designed for use in all water-dilutable metalworking fluids, especially where a colorless product is required. AMP-95 is used worldwide, providing superior performance among commonly available amine products.

AMP-95® is widely recognized as a multifunctional additive for all types of latex emulsion paints. In a formulation, AMP-95 can be used as a powerful co-dispersant to prevent re-agglomeration of pigments. At the same time, AMP-95 will contribute significant
benefits to the overall performance of the coating.

The benefits and performance improvements made possible by AMP-95 in different stages of paint manufacture are:

AMP-95 in the Grind

- Reduces dispersant demand when used in conjunction with 
  conventional dispersants
- Optimizes pigment dispersion
- Reduces foam (through dispersant reduction)
- Provides effective pH control
- Lowers raw material costs

AMP-95 in the Letdown
- Improves thickener performance
- Eliminates need for ammonia, resulting in a lower odor paint
- Improves color acceptance of shading pastes

AMP-95 and Coating Performance
- Improves scrub, water, and block resistance through formula 
- Reduces in-can corrosion
- Effective in low odor systems

AMP-95 can be used to reduce the levels of many
commonly used paint additives, thereby lowering raw material costs while improving paint performance.

Recommended Use Levels

In The Grind
To take full advantage of AMP-95 as a co-dispersant, up to 30% of the existing dispersant solids can be replaced by an equal weight of AMP-95. This generally amounts to 0.05 to 0.1 percent ofAMP-95 on the total weight of the formulation.

In The Letdown
Typical formulations require 0.1 to 0.3 percent (on total
formulation weight) of AMP-95 for optimum pH stability, for
associative thickener neutralization and to eliminate in-can
corrosion. For control of flash rusting, an additional 0.1 to 0.2
percent (on total formulation weight) of AMP-95 may be required.

Advantages using AMP 95 :

> Eficient Pigment Dispersion

AMP-95 improves pigment dispersion in the production of latex
paints. Combining AMP-95 with a conventional anionic dispersant
in a grind paste is more effective than using any dispersant alone.

AMP-95 enhances the performance of anionic dispersants so that
dispersant demand is reduced. Six commonly-used dispersants
were tested in a typical dispersion. As shown in the table below,
small quantities of AMP-95 in a TiO2, calcined clay, and calcium
carbonate blend significantly reduced dispersant demand. Specific
dispersant requirements vary with the pigment grade, type and lot.

Using AMP-95 in the grind produces a paint with maximum
hiding power, color acceptance and stability at considerably
lower anionic dispersant levels than are normally required to
achieve similar results. AMP-95 also stabilizes the grind at
a mildly alkaline pH. This reduces the tendency for pigment
re-agglomeration or “shock” when the grind is added to a moderately alkaline letdown.

Reactive Pigment Stabilization
AMP-95 helps to stabilize some paint systems containing
reactive pigments such as zinc oxide. Typical improvements are
demonstrated in the following photo; the addition of AMP-95
inhibited gelling even for paint subjected to heat aging.

Film Performance
Most dispersants and surfactants contain 25 to 50% non-volatile,
hygroscopic components, which remain in the dried paint film
and contribute to poor scrub resistance and water spotting.
Therefore, it is important to keep these additives to a minimum.
AMP-95 used in conjunction with reduced levels of conventional
dispersants accomplishes this objective. The results are improved
scrub resistance, water resistance, and reduced water spotting of
the paint film as illustrated below.

AMP-95 exhibits its superior scrub resistance properties in this
interior flat formulation.

Reduced Corrosion
> Improves Thickener Performance
> pH Stabilization
> Effective in Low Odor/Low VOC Systems
Cost Reduction

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