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JEFFAMINE D 230 as specialthy epoxy curing agent

Jeffamine D-230 polyoxypropylenediamine undergoes reactions typical of primary amines. Jeffamine D-230 polyetheramine is a difunctional, primary amine with an average molecular weight of about 230. The primary amine groups are located on secondary carbon atoms at the end of the aliphatic polyether chain.

Because of its unique structure, however, Jeffamine D-230 has found its most significant use as an epoxy curing agent. The use of Jeffamine D-230 leads to tough, clear, impact-resistant coatings, castings, and adhesives.
Example include coatings for decoupage and furniture, reinforced composites, electrical encapsulation, and lamination. Coatings made with unmodified Jeffamine D-230 are free of the surface “ blush “ prevalent with many amine curing agents. Jeffamine D-230 has found its way into miniature medical devices, industrial floors, boat construction, decorator clocks, and space vehicles.

Epoxies formulated with Jeffamine D-230 can be readily modified because Jeffamine D-230 is compatible with a wide range of modifiers and curing agents, including other Jeffamine products. Amidation of Jeffamine D-230 with a variety of aliphatic and aromatic carboxylic acids is readily accomplished by known techniques. The resulting poly-amides are of interest as “ hot melt “ adhesives, for example.

As a primary amine, Jeffamine D-230 reacts quickly with isocyanates. The reaction can be managed however, if small quantities are used ( e.g. as a viscosity modifier ) or if quick-mix equipment ( e.g, RIM ) is employed.

Salts may be formed readily which have potential use, e.g, as surfactants and fire retardants. The reactivity of Jeffamine D-230 may be modified by cyanoethylation, a reaction which proceeds readily and cleanly. Polyurea coatings have been made from the cyanoethylated derivative.

• Epoxy Curing Agent
• Reacts with carboxylic acids to form hot melt adhesives
• Reacts quickly with isocyanates
• Salts may be formed readily for surfactant use

• Low viscosity, color and vapor pressure
• Completely miscible with a wide variety of solvents, including water
• Provides tough, clear, impact resistant coatings, castings, and adhesives
• Coatings are free of surface blush prevalent with many amine curing agents

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Jeffamine D 230 as specialthy epoxy curing agent

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JEFFAMINE D 230 as specialthy epoxy curing agent
JEFFAMINE D 230 as specialthy epoxy curing agent 

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