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Glutaraldehyde containing two aldehyde groups, is used as a disinfectant. It is used in sterilizing medical and dental equipment which cannot be heat sterilized. It is used as a fixative for biological tissues and for leather tanning. It is used as a chemical intermediate to produce other compounds.

Glutaraldehyde merupakan senyawa organic dengan rumus molekul CH2(CH2CHO)2. Yaitu cairan yang warnanya seperti minyak dan banyak digunakan untuk mensterilkan peralatan medis dan gigi. Senyawa ini juga digunakan untuk pengolahan indusri dan sebagai bahan pengawet kimia.

Sebuah larutan glutaraldehyde konsentrasi  0,1% sampai 1% dapat digunakan untuk desinfektan dan pengawet untuk penyimpanan jangka panjang. Glutaraldehyde digunakan dalam mikroskop electron biologis sebagai fiksatif. Zat ini membunuh sel dengan cepat dengan cara mengikat silang protein-proteinnya dan selalu digunakan sendiri atau dicampur dengan formaldehyde sebagai proses fiksatif pertama atau kedua untuk menstabilkan specimen seperti bakteri, materi tumbuhan, dan sel manusia. Prosedur fiksatif kedua menggunakan osmium tetroksida untuk mengikat silang dan menstabilkan sel dan lemak membrane organel. Fiksasi selalu diikuti dengan dehidrasi jaringan dietanol atau aseton, diikuti dengan penanaman di sebuah resin epoksi atau resin akrilik.

These special features include:
• Antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, mold, and yeast at low use concentrations (0.01- 
  0.1% active ingredient). 
• Excellent compatibility with anionic, nonionic, and cationic surfactants 
• Biocidal activity over a broad pH and temperature range 
• No odor at end-use concentrations 
• Good chemical compatibility with many other antimicrobials 
• High salt tolerance 
• Complete solubility in water 
• End-use concentrations of glutaraldehyde can easily be analyzed on site with field test 
  kits, or in the laboratory by several different methods

Antimicrobial are broad-spectrum biocides that are easily dissolved in water. Their biocidal activity is due to the ability of glutaraldehyde to react with primary amines, such as those present in the lysine and arginine amino acids that are components of the microbial cell wall. The fixative action can prevent a microorganism from carrying on its normal metabolic functions, resulting in cell death. UCARCIDE antimicrobials are effective in both acidic and basic systems. However, the rate of antimicrobial activity is dependent on several factors, including pH, time, temperature, and concentration. Of these factors, pH is the most important in determining preservative activity under typical use conditions. The effect of pH on the rate of kill of Enterobacter aerogenes, a Gram-negative bacterium.

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