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 Internal-External Lubricant for plastic

Ethylene bis stearamide (EBS) is an organic compound with the formula (CH2NHC(O)C17H35)2. It is a waxy white solid and is also found as powder or beads that is widely used as a form release agent. The compound is derived from the reaction of ethylenediamine and stearic acid. It is a cheap, white solid of low toxicity that provides a slippery coating for a variety of applications.

EBS is a synthetic wax used as a dispersing agent or internal/external lubricant for benefits in plastic applications to facilitate and stabilize the dispersion of solid compounding materials to enhance processability, to decrease friction and abrasion of the polymer surface, and to contribute color stability and polymer degradation.
It is also used in process industries as release agent, antistatic agent and antifoaming agent for the production of thermoplastics, wiring, and paper. It is used in powder metallurgy.

Wax EB-FF ( EBS ) is an amide type of wax which has high melting point and special property showing the low viscosity in molten form. In molten form under high temperature, it's compatible well with resin or solvents. Wax EB-FF is a lubricants and/or mould releasing agent for thermoplastic resin such as ABS resin, PS, PVC and so fort.

    Specification :
Acid value                                   Max. 10
Amine value                                Max. 3
EBS                                            Bead
EBS DA                                      Powder
EBS DA-01                                 Fine Powder
Ash, %                                        Max. 0.1
Color, gardner                              Max. 3
Flash point, °C                             280
Formula                                       C38H76O2N2
Melting point, °C                          140 ~ 147
Particle size:               
EBS DA: % thru 200 mesh            Min. 60
EBS DA-01: % thru 325 mesh       Min. 95
Volatility matter, %                       Max. 0.5

1. Add in the pure resin of the goods, with internal and external lubricating
    effect and Viscosity reducing effect.

2. Resin processing,  while keeping constant shear stress,  add the product 
    to allow increased shear rate,  thus speeding up the plastics and resin 
    mixing,  increase productivity and reduce energy consumption than 

3. In the extrusion of rigid PVC profile to add this product to avoid 
    excessive shear stress,  reduce shear heating,  maintaining the stability 
    of the melt flow,  improve product R inch accuracy,  tensile strength and 
    surface gloss.

4. In the blown film production,  product used as smooth opening agent,  
    can reduce the expansion module from the module to improve the 
    membrane of the cooling rate, and get a good film between the 
    membrane surfaces gloss and smoothness open character,  improve 
    production efficiency.

5. Add this product to Plastic products,  injection molding can increase the 
    speed and reduce the body molding temperature gradient,  thermal
    stress  and shrinkage weakened 3 pit deformation rate,  and shorten 
    cycle times,  improve productivity,  reduce equipment wear and tear can 
    also give a good product appearance and luster.

6. For a variety of engineering Plastics,  can act as the release agent,  
    lubricant effects, can significantly improve product surface quality

7. In Plastic masterbatch,  which can effectively  improve the filler 
    dispersion quality and increase filler content, reducing the amount of 
    carrier resin and additives,  reduce cost,  and equipment wear and 
    improve production efficiency

8. In Plastic masterbatch,  you can improve pigment dispersion and  
    added, reducing the R inch color and number of aggregates,  as well as 
    melt filtration pressure,  reduce the number of exchange networks and 
    reduce the processing equipment wear and energy consumption,  giving 
    a good product bright and shiny appearance.  And used as a paint color 
    by spread of powder

9. In the rubber industry,  Rubber product can be used as Lubricant,  anti 
    Adhesive and release agent,  as well as credit to the rubber surface 
    treatment agent

10. For coating, inks, paints score powder,  anti setting agents and matting 
      agent,  to improve leveling and moisture effect. 

11. Used as a flow of powder coating additives.

12. Can improve the polyester

Applications :
Lubricant for ABS resin, polystyrene and copolymers, PVC, polyolefine,
phenol resin, POM, EPS, PA

For other application :
- Lubricant for printing ink
- Dispersant for pigment
- Mould releasing agent for powder metallurgy
- Anti-foaming agent

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