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Alkyl Polyglucoside Surfactant is produced made from natural and renewable raw materials ( sulfate free ) that provides excellent detergency and processing benefits in a variety of cleaning products. It exhibits superior wetting, dispersing, and interfacial tension reduction properties for increased soil remover.

They are readily biodegradable, very mild to skin and mucus membranes, and offers synergistic effects with other surfactants that reduces irritation and improves foam quality. This product can be used is cosmetic applications such as shampoos, bod washes, facial cleansers, and bath oils.

APG Claim support :
  (1) Cleaning ( Dirt/Stain Removal )
           # Detergency for problematic stains
           # Detergency at low temperatures

  (2) Colour Protection

           # Colour Fading
           # Dye Transfer Inhibition

  (3) Care to Skin
        # Skin Compatibility

(4) Convenience

        # Penetrates into oils and fibres
        # Dissolution

Market Claim “Cleaning– Summary of APG® Profile:
  •  APG® based formulas (with LAS or SAS) show excellent balanced detergency at both low and high washing temperatures, especially for  problematic soils (e.g. cosmetics, vegetable oils). Due to the reduced interfacial tension to vegetable oils, APG®  penetrates quickly leading to good stain removal.
  •  APG® surfactant in combination with LAS reduces the surface tension in the presence of both mineral oils and vegetable oils. This LAS/APG®combination results in a good removal of both types of oils.
  • APG® containing formulations show a high degree of detergency robustness when wash loads are under dosed.

                  Market Claim “Colour Protection– Summary of APG® Profile:
                  • No discoloration when applied directly / pre-treatment and during washing cycle.
                  • APG® based Formulations have a good balance between Colour Fading and Dye Transfer.

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