Thursday, November 21, 2019

Castor Oil Sulphonate

Inci name Sulfated Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil

Others name :

  • Castor oil, sulfated
  • Sulfated castor oil
  • Castor oil
  • Sulfated sodium salt
  • Turkey Red Oil

Sulphonated castor oil acts as anionic surfactant that completely disperses in water and is also considered as a synthetic detergent. It especially functions as wetting, dispersing and levelling agent. This castor oil grade carries a unique scent and dissolves easily in water-based products. Therefore, it becomes a good base for bath oils, shampoos, castor oil soaps, in pharmaceutical applications, in paints for pigment wetting, in dye dispersion and also as lubricant. Sulphonated castor oil has medium viscosity and very good moisturizing abilities that makes it suitable for various grades like cosmetics, textiles and distilleries.

Sulfated castor oil, also known as Turkey red oil, a light yellow to dark brown liquid having an excellent foaming, emulsifying and penetration, is a good performance of the anionic surfactant. Sulfated castor oil have a variety of uses, widely used in textiles, leather, paints, paper and other fields.

    Appearance.              :Viscous amber liquid 
    Solubility in Water.   : clear dispresion 
    Boiling Point.            : 100 .C 
    Flashpoint                 : >150oC
    Flammability Limits : NA 
    Specific Gravity.        : 1.04 @ 20oC 
    Inhalation Toxicity LC 50 mg/kg
    Boiling point is 313 °C (595 °F) and 
    Density is 961 kg/m3


Castor oil sulphonate adalah termasuk jenis anionik surfaktant yang dapat larut dalam air dan juga sebagai deterjent sintetis. Khususnya berfungsi sebagai wetting, pelarut dan pemerataan pada saat  di aplikasikan.  Castor oil jenis ini memiliki aroma yang unik dan dapat larut dalam formulasi yang berbahan dasar air. Karena itulah castor oil ini digunakan sebagai bahan dasar yang baik untuk  bath oils, shampoo, sabun, aplikasi farmasi, di dalam cat sebagai pigment wetting, bahan pelarut pewarna dan sebagai pelumas. Castor oil sulphonate memiliki kekentalan yang sedang dan kemampuan melembabkan yang amat baik yang baik dapat digunakan pada kosmetik, tekstil dan  proses penyulingan.

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